1.  What do you need besides Christ?  Col. 2:9-10

    Why?  Phil. 4:19

2.  Who orders (controls) our steps?  Psalm 37:23, 24


    THINK:  If God orders our steps, why would we fall?

3.  How many of the things that happen to us are for our good?
    Romans 8:28

4.  When we plan our life, who actually directs what way we go?
    Proverbs 16:9

5.  When He directs our paths (ways),  He makes it ______________
    for us.  Psalm 18:32

    THINK:  Would you want to change your path, change the things 
	    that happen to you?

6.  Romans 8:28-29
    If you love God, what is His plan for your life?  v. 29

    THINK: If you do not believe Romans 8:28, can you obey
	   Phil. 2:14?  I Thes. 5:18?  Phil. 4:4?  James 1:2?

7.  What are God's 2 commands for us so that we can dwell in Him and
    He in us?  I John 3:23-24

Know the Truth