1.  Webster defines "disciple" as "a pupil, follower".

2.  Are you a disciple of Jesus?

3.  In Luke 9:23, Jesus says anyone who wants to follow Him should do
    three things:
	THINK: What does "deny himself" mean?
	       Give an example of denying self.

        THINK: In those days, what was the cross?


4.  What is Jesus' logical reasoning in asking such an all-out 
    commitment?  Luke 9:23-25, Matt. 16:24-26, Mark 8:34-37

5.  In Luke 14:26, 27, 33, Jesus says we CANNOT be His disciple IF we:

	See also Matt. 10:37



    THINK:  Do you think Jesus asks too much?

6.  THINK!  How do the two examples given in Luke 14:28-32
    illustrate being a disciple?

7.  Are you a disciple of Jesus?

8.  What does John 8:31-32 say we should do in order to be a disciple?

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