Faith means "to believe", "to trust in"

I . We are saved by _____________ Ephesians 2:8,9

   A. What is "grace"?

   B. Is faith from ourselves?

   C. Then where does faith come from? Romans 10:17

   D. How much "good works" are required to be saved?

2. The best works we can do are in God's Law. 
   If we tried hard all our lives to keep the 
   Law, would that save us?  Romans 3:20-22,28 

   v. 28 "Justified" means "declared righteous".)  Does doing
   the right things make us righteous?

3. What does make us righteous? Romans 4:3-5

4. How do we escape destruction? John 3:16

NOTE: There is also BAD faith--that is, believing something not
trustworthy. What is the example of this in Jeremiah 17:5

In this case, what happens to someone who has this bad faith?

Should we believe everything our pastor says?

Or everything a famous Christian author says?

God called the Bereans "noble" because they did not just believe
everything Paul said. What did they do instead? Acts 17:11

Know the Truth