Think of someone you need to forgive.

1.  Who has power to forgive our sins?  Psalms 78:35-38, Matt. 9:6

2.  When does God forgive us?
    a. Matt. 6:12-15

    b. James 5:15

    c. I John 1:9
       1. What does "confess" mean?

       2. Suppose you confess a sin, but it still troubles you
	  Does that mean you are not forgiven?

	  If you ask God again to forgive you for the same sin
	  you already confessed, what are you actually saying
	  about God?

	  What does God do with our confessed sins?  1 John 1:9
	  Hebrews 10:17

	  Suggestion:  Any time old sin comes back to trouble you,
	  just praise God for forgetting it and for Jesus' blood paying
	  for it.

3.  Why should we forgive others?  Eph. 4:32, Mark 11:25

4.  How often should we forgive?  Matthew 18:21-22

5.  How can God be just, yet still forgive our sins?  Rom. 5:9-10,
    Romans 3:25-26, I John 1:7

6.  What do these verses tell us about forgiveness?  Rom. 12:19-20
    Matt. 5:44

7.  Is forgiveness (like Love) a feeling or an action?

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