1. John 14:21

	A. Who truly loves Jesus?

	B. To whom does God show Himself?

	C. Do you honestly want to see what God is like? 
	   Then what do you look for when you read?

2. 11 Peter 1:4

	A. By what are we made partakers of the divine nature?
	B. What is "divine nature"'?

	C. What do we become by claiming the promises?

	D. What do we escape by claiming the promises'

	E. Do you want to take part of Gods nature (character)?  Do you want to 
	escape corruption?  Then what do you look for when you read?

3. 1 Corinthians 11:1 Philippians 3:17

	A. What kind of people should be our examples to follow'?

	B. Are all religious people good examples to follow?  Phil. 3:18,19

	C. Which kind of people in the Bible would you follow as an example'?

4. Hebrews 12:1-2

	A. What does God want us to do about sin in our daily lives?

	B. What is another way to avoid sin? Psalm 119:9-11

	C. Do you want God to be taking sin out of your daily life?

	D. In I Cor. 10:6-11 name the particulars sins they did. Since sometimes we 
	do not know certain things are sin (such as complaining in verse 10) what should we look for to avoid as we read the 

5. In this study did you find these 4 things to look for in Bible reading:

	A. Command to obey 
	B. Promise to claim 
	C. Example to follow 
	D. Sin to avoid 

	See if you can find each of these 4 things in John 13:1 - 
	14:3. You may find more than one of some.

Know the Truth