Think of the one you love best, then test your love by this study
of what God says of love.

1.  What is even greater than faith?  I Cor. 13:13

2.  God's definition of LOVE.  Paraphrase I Cor. 13:4-8 in words a 
    7 year old child would understand.

3.  According to I Cor. 13:4-8, is love a feeling or an action?

4.  By God's standard, do you truly love the person you thought of
    at the beginning of this study?  Do you want to love him/her God's

5.  How do we KNOW if we love God?  John 14:21

6.  If we love God, does it grieve us to obey Him?  I John 5:3, Psalm 40:8

7.  Why should we love each other?  I John 4:10-11, 20

Know the Truth