Creation				Genesis chapter 1
Creation of Man			Genesis chapter 2
Fall of Man				Genesis chapter 3
	First mention of Jesus coming is Genesis 3:15

Man became worse and worse so God destroyed the world.
Genesis chapters 6-8

Man did not understand right and wrong, so God gave the Law,
condensed here in the TEN COMMANDMENTS.  Exodus 20:3-17

Man could not keep the LAW so God sent a Saviour, Jesus.

	Jesus' birth			Matthew 1:18-25
	Jesus' power	
		over sickness	Matthew 8:1-17
		over elements	Matthew 8:23-27
		over evil spirits	Matthew 8:28-34
		over death		Matthew 9:18-26
	Jesus' death			Matthew 27
	Jesus' resurrection		Matthew 28
	Jesus' return			1 Thessalonians 4:16-18

Judgment				Revelation 20:11-15

Know the Truth