Prayer Study

Memorize John 16:24

1.  In order to receive things from God, what must we do?
    John 16:24   James 4:2

2.  When we need, what can we do?  Hebrews 4:16

3.  What great gift did God give us that guarantees whatever we 
    ask will not be asking too much?  Romans 8:32

4.  What is one reason God answers prayer?  John 14:13

5.  What is another reason we ask and receive?  John 16:24

6.  What can we pray about?  Phil.  4:6

7.  Why do we approach God through Jesus Christ?  I Tim 2:5

8.  In these verses, name the specific things we can pray for:
    Matthew 6:11

    Matthew 9:38

    Philippians 1:9

    James 1:5

    I Timothy 2:1-2

Know the Truth