1. Recognize He wants to see you.  Song of Solomon 2:14

2. Pray to see (understand).

3. Read the Overall View -- one chapter per day.

4. Find one command per day.  Beginning with Eph. 4:25 to the
   end of the book.  Think how to DO the command THAT DAY.  If
   a verse has 3 commands in it,  then you will take 3 days to
   do that one verse.  What does John 14:21 promise for someone
   who obeys the commands?

5. Pray: TACS
   A. T hanksgiving Ps. 100:4
   B. A doration    Ps. 100:4 (praise)
   C. C onfess	    1 John 1:9
   D. S upplication
      a. for others
      b. for self

6. Memorize and put on cards:
   I John 1:9
   I John 5:11-12
   John 16:24
   I Cor. 10:13
   Proverbs 3:5-6

   Most people can easily memorize 3 verses per week.

Know the Truth