1. Who gets resurrected from the dead? Acts 24:15

2. Did Jesus' body or just His Spirit rise? Luke 24:36-43
   John 20:24-29

3. Does our body or just our spirit rise? I Thes 4:16-17
   I Cor 15:51-53 Job 19:26

4. 1 John 3:2

	What will our resurrected body be like'?

	Do we know what it will look like'?

5. Read I Corinthians 15, the resurrection chapter.

	A. Who was the first to rise in the resurrection?

	B. Name the 3 stages of the resurrection given here. v.23-24

6.  Revelation 20:4-6

	A. Which people are resurrected first?

	B. When are the rest of the dead resurrected?

	C. What happens then? Rev. 20:7-15

	D. What happens after that? Rev. 21:1-5

7. What people in the New Testament did NOT believe in the
   resurrection? Acts 23:8

THINK! Is heaven a spiritual place or is it ALSO physical?

Know the Truth