MATTHEW 6:33  The purpose of this study is to show how to seek 
	      His righteousness.

Righteousness is doing or being right.

1.  What does Nehemiah 9:13 and Psalm 19:8 say is right?
    A. Name the 10 Commandments of the Law.

    B. More Laws
       a. If someone hits his mother, what is right to do?
	  Exodus 21:15
       b. If someone accidentally destroys another's property
	  what is right to do?  Exodus 22:6 & 14

    C. What does Ephesians 6:1 state is right to do?

    D. What hinders right judgment?  Exodus 23:8

2.  Psalm 37:21-26 & 30  Can you find 4 qualities of a righteous

3.  Did Israel become righteous by following the righteous Law?
    Romans 9:31        Why not?  v. 32 and Romans 3:20-23.  Also
    see Isaiah 64:6, John 15:5

4.  Romans 7:6  What is the difference between the spirit of the 
    Law and the letter of the Law?  See also II Cor 3:6.

    Find the example of this difference in I John 3:15.

    In Matthew 5:27-28.

5.  Paraphrase Romans 8:4.

6.  Matthew 6:33  If we follow righteousness, what are we following?
    Romans 10:4, Romans 6:13

7.  What instructs us in righteousness?  II Tim. 3:16

8.  What can we pray concerning righteousness?  Psalm 118:19

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