1. At this present time how many sinless people are on earth?
   Ecclesiastes 7:20  1John 1:8,10

2. How many have sinned?  Romans 3:23

3. How many people do good?  Romans 3:10-12

4. When God looked at us from heaven, how many did He
   find who understood and looked for Him?  Psalms 14:2,3
   Are some good?  Just a little good and clean?

5. How does God see man?  Job 15:15-16  Look up "iniquity" in
   the dictionary.

6. How does God see our "good deeds" (righteousnesses)?  Isaiah 64:6

7. Are we saved by good works?  Ephesians 2:8-9
   "Grace" is an undeserved gift (an ability to do something
   unnatural -- like love your enemies)

8. Who has eternal life?  1 John 5:11-12

Know the Truth