Spiritual Gifts

1.  WHO gets the gifts of the Spirit (at least one)?  I Cor. 12:7

2.  WHAT are the gifts?  List them.  I Cor. 12:8-11, 28

    Romans 12:6-8

    Ephesians 4:11

    I Peter 4:9-11

3.  WHEN were we given our gifts?  Ephesians 4:8

4.  WHY were we given our gifts?  I Corinthians 12:7

5.  Are all Christians supposed to be alike?  I Corinthians 12:12-31

6.  What is even better than using spiritual gifts?  I Corinthians 12:31 - ch 13.

7.  Prayerfully go through your list of the gifts, asking God to 
    show you your gift(s) and how to use it. I Corinthians 12:4-6

Know the Truth