Division of Arts and Sciences (DAS)

The academic programs at Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST) allow our students to receive a Bachelor’s or Master’s of Science. Our 500 male and female undergraduate students, along with the 60 graduate students at PUST, take courses in the fields of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Engineering, and Business.

The language of PUST is English, with all major-related courses, including the ones taught by DPRK faculty, being taught in English. Therefore, students spend their first year intensively studying English in the School of Foreign Languages (SFL). PUST students then add a second foreign language, Chinese, during their third year of study.

Undergraduate students are required to complete a senior research project, write a thesis, and defend their research both in English and Korean. Upon graduation, we retain 30 percent of our undergraduates for our graduate programs. We are proud of our students and graduates and look forward to what they will achieve in the fields of science, technology, finance, and management.

Dr. Dong Hoon Ko
Vice President, Division of Arts and Sciences