School of Foreign Languages


Welcome to the School of Foreign Languages at the Pyongyang University of Science and Technology (PUST). As part of the first international university in the DPRK, we seek to raise a generation of young scientists and researchers who are equipped with the language skills necessary to access and be involved in cutting-edge scientific research and technology in the international scientific community.

Since the language of education at PUST is English, all freshmen (first-year) students take intensive English classes to prepare them for participation in their major classes. Chinese is taught as a second foreign language during the junior (third) year of the undergraduate program, and this may be supplemented by Japanese and/or German in the future. German is currently taught to graduate students in the Division of Medical Sciences, as well as English.

School of Foreign Languages Courses

The first-year intensive English program includes the following  courses:

  • speaking/listening
  • reading/writing
  • academic listening
  • pronunciation
  • speech/presentation
  • study skills

Additional English courses:

  • IELTS preparation
  • integrated English (for DPRK professors)
  • research writing (for fourth-year students)
  • medical English (for graduate students in the Division of Medical Sciences)

German courses:

  • introductory German (an integrated course)

Chinese courses:

  • introductory Chinese (an integrated course)
  • intermediate Chinese (an integrated course)