Support PUST

PUST was started by and continues to function thanks to the generosity of international supporters. The university continues to legally operate in compliance with the latest U.S. sanctions.

Individual sponsors are welcome to make monetary donations in whatever amount they wish to contribute. Even small gifts can make a big difference. Such donations can be made through YUST PUST Foundation for those giving from the United States, and American individual sponsors are welcome to Partner with PUST. Supporters from Europe or elsewhere can email for more information about supporting PUST from your countries.

We invite educational institutions to work with PUST in co-founding various academic programs. These programs may take the form of joint research initiatives, academic exchanges, or cooperation in other projects. We welcome donations of academic and scientific equipment, as well as recommendations of scholars to join the PUST faculty.

Institutions may contribute either financial or material donations for the construction of the Division of Medical Sciences building and PUST facilities.

Churches can support PUST through prayer and through spreading the news about this project among congregation members. They also may apply to be one of our cornerstone churches to arrange donation drives.