The 3-letter Bible Abbreviation System

This abbreviation system was designed to help keep consistency in abbreviations used on this web-site. It is easy to remember because all abbreviations are only three letters, and in most cases it is the first three letters of the book name. If the two books have the first three letters, the first three different consanents are used (e.g. PHM Philemon, and PHP Philippians). JDE Jude, JDG Judges, and SOS Song of Solomon are special cases.

GEN	Genesis
EXO	Exodus
LEV	Leviticus
NUM	Numbers
DEU	Deuteronomy
JOS	Joshua
JDG	Judges
RUT	Ruth
1SA	1 Samuel
2SA	2 Samuel
1KI	1 Kings
2KI	2 Kings
1CH	1 Chronicles
2CH	2 Chronicles
EZR	Ezra
NEH	Nehemiah
EST	Esther
PSA	Psalms
PRO	Proverbs
ECC	Ecclesiastes
SOS	Song of Solomon
ISA	Isaiah
JER	Jeremiah
LAM	Lamentations
EZE	Ezekiel
DAN	Daniel
HOS	Hosea
JOE	Joel
AMO	Amos
OBA	Obadiah
JON	Jonah
MIC	Micah
NAH	Nahum
HAB	Habakkuk
ZEP	Zephaniah
HAG	Haggai
ZEC	Zechariah
MAL	Malachi
MAT	Matthew
MAR	Mark
LUK	Luke
JOH	John
ACT	Acts
ROM	Romans
1CO	1 Corinthians
2CO	2 Corinthians
GAL	Galatians
EPH	Ephesians
PHP	Philippians
COL	Colossians
1TH	1 Thessalonians
2TH	2 Thessalonians
1TI	1 Timothy
2TI	2 Timothy
TIT	Titus
PHM	Philemon
HEB	Hebrews
JAM	James
1PE	1 Peter
2PE	2 Peter
1JO	1 John
2JO	2 John
3JO	3 John
JDE	Jude
REV	Revelation

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