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Note: this is part of the Self Bible Studies series.


Four reasons why God's people get sick:

I. James 5:14-16

   If someone is sick because of sin, what should he do to be healed?



II. John 9

    A. Was the blind man blind because of sin? v. 3

    B. Why was he blind?

    C. How should we pray for these in whom God has chosen
       to show His works?

III. 2 Corinthians 12:7-10

     A. Was Paul sick because of sin?

     B. Why did he have a "thorn in the flesh"?

     C. Did he pray about it?

     D. Why didn't God heal him?

     E. How should we pray about this type infirmity?

IV.  Job 1:1, 2:4-10

     A. What did Job's friends accuse him of?  5:17, 8:6, 11:6, 15:5, 22:5

     B. Actually, why was Job sick?  Job 1 & 2

     C. What did Job say God was doing with him?  23:10

     D. How should we pray for those being tested as Job?

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