Note: this is part of the Self Bible Studies series.

John 9 -- Read verses 1-38.  See if you can recall these things:

1.  When did the blind man become blind?
2.  What did the disciples ask Jesus when they saw the blind man?
3.  Is sickness always caused by our sin?
4.  Is sickness always caused by SIN?  THINK!
5.  Who is the light of the world?  What does that mean?
6.  What did Jesus do to heal the blind man?  
    Does that seem gross to you?
7.  Name the pool Jesus sent him to.
8.  What did the neighbors say?
9.  When the neighbors asked how he could see, what did he say?
10. To whom did they bring the blind man?
11. What did the Pharisees divide over?
12. What did the blind man say to the Pharisees about Jesus?
13. Why did the Jews call his parents?
14. What did his parents answer?  Why?
15. What did the Jews tell the blind man Jesus was?
16. Did the blind man believe them?
17. When they asked the blind man again how Jesus healed him,
    what did the blind man answer?
18. What day of the week was it when Jesus healed the blind man?
19. Whose disciples did the Jews claim to be?  Were they?  See John 5:46
20. Jews said they did not know where Jesus was from.  Where did
    the blind man say He was from?
21. What did the Jew do to Him for that statement?
22. Who looked for the blind man after that?  Did He find him?
23. Who did Jesus say was the Son of God?
24. Did the blind man believe Him?
25. What did the blind man do then?
26. THINK!  Did Jesus find you?  Did you react like the blind man?

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